Department of Management Science & Technology

The TRANsportation Systems and LOGistics Laboratory (TRANSLOG) is a Research Laboratory that belongs to the Department of Management Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business. The major thrust of TRANSLOG’s research activities is focused on applications of Management Science methods and Information Systems technologies on transportation systems and logistics. TRANSLOG's research philosophy is based on the recognition of the interdisciplinary character of the contemporary Transportation & Logistical problems. TRANSLOG uses a systemic approach in developing its research activities and seeks to continually improve the quality of its research by promoting constantly the implementation of Total Quality Management concepts in the organisation of its research, educational and training activities.

The laboratory employs interdisciplinary research teams involving University Faculty, Ph.D. students, and affiliated scientists and is co-operating with a number of universities and research centres in USA and Europe. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art computational equipment and software tools. In addition TRANSLOG has developed extensive data bases related to: i) transportation demand, ii) transport infrastructure characteristics, and iii) legislation related to the provision of transportation services in Greece. Besides its research activities the laboratory is involved in the educational activities of the Graduate Program on Decision Sciences (Specialisation on Transportation Systems and Supply Chain Management) and the Management Science & Technology Undergraduate Program by providing support to a number of courses related to Transportation, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management. Furthermore, the laboratory provides its support to M.Sc. students working on their Field Consulting Projects and to Ph.D. students conducting their dissertations on subjects related to Transportation Systems and Supply Chain Management.

Distinctions and Awards

The research project “Process Logistics Advanced Technical Optimizer (PLATO)” has been awarded with the President's Medal Award 2005 by the British Operational Research Society and the with the 2005 Franz Edelman Finalist Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Science, by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science (INFORMS).

The research projects “Integrated Environmental Monitoring, Forecasting, and Warning Systems in Metropolitan Areas (EMMA)” and “Management of Surface Traffic in European Airports (MANTEA)” have been identified by the European Commission as success stories and have been included in the report of Commissioner Bangemann: Advancing the Information Society: 101 Telematic Applications Success Stories, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities,                       Luxemburg, 1999, ISBN: 92-828-5194-X

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